Saturday, June 2, 2012


I came across a woman today I didn't recognize.
She immediate yelled my name and came over to me.
"An'aaaaaaam! It's me! I bet you don't remember me!"
It wasn't because I had forgotten who she was.
Or because I hadn't seen her in over 4 years.
It was because this was the first time I had seen her smile.

Her smile stretched across her face.
It was vibrant, sincere, and contagious.
She looked younger. She looked beautiful.

"Sister X!"

We embraced. I felt her warmth. I was so happy for her

Four years ago, I had visited her at her home. We were strangers. Her husband had passed away in front of her and her children. It was awkward and uncomfortable. She didn't smile.  Months after, I saw her again. Time seemed to have stopped for them.

And today, when I saw her smile - Time stopped for me, just that second until I yelled her name in affirmation. Her wounds seemed to healing because she was smiling. The rest of the night, I couldn't stop looking at her. Whether she was eating, talking to her friends, or checking her phone, I needed to see her smile. I needed to see her exist.  Her daughter had grown. She looked good.

I was so happy for me.

God can leave you heartbroken, but He will make it better.  You will be ok, again, someday..., and you will eventually smile.

I cannot imagine the reward she received for smiling at me tonight. I finally understand why a smile is charity.

I needed that smile.

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