Thursday, October 6, 2011

25 Aphorisms from a 25 year old

1) Give up Soda (especially diet)  --> it's death

2) Leave facebook --> You're not keeping in touch with people, you are keeping tabs on them. The people who truly love and are important in your life will always be in your life, even without facebook.

3) Never take the elevator or the escalator when you can easily take the stairs  --> God gave you legs, use them!

4) Never go to bed angry at your loved one --> You're not gonna sleep anyways, so might as well resolve it and get a good night's rest.

5) EXERCISE --> Your body is the greatest miracle you'll ever know. Be kind to it.

6) Find a new passion every now and then --> You'll never be bored and you'll constantly be amazed at your abilities

7) Be kind to your siblings and keep them close --> After your friends have abandoned you, only your brother or sister (or both, if you're blessed), will be your comfort and your direction.

8) Keep 5 lifelong friends --> Not 50.

9) Give your parents a hug and a kiss everyday --> I did that everyday until now... I just don't see them as much. And maybe because I've lost the innocence of a child.

10) Laugh --> There is humor in EVERYTHING.

11) Cry -->  It will purify your heart.

12)  Reflect --> I have this lame blog. You don't need one, you could do it on your way to work

13) Watch the sunset (or rise, if you're not lazy like me) --> It will make you cry

14) Turn the AC off --> And roll your windows down. There is nothing like driving at night, and feeling the breeze.

15) Be kind --> Everyone is going thru something.

16) Guard your heart --> This is tough, so good luck.

17) Make your bed everyday --> I sleep on the floor so my bed is always made :)

18)  If something doesn't make sense now, don't complain --> God has a plan. That's why hindsight is always 20/20

19) Be humble --> You don't know shit. Stop acting like you do.

20) Curse every now and then. --> But be very mindful of it. The tongue reflects the heart.

21)  Love everyone --> We are all in this together

22) Hate no one --> It takes so much energy, and you're already so lazy... why waste it on someone?

23) Forgive others -> Leave it to God to decide

24) Forgive yourself --> This is tough, so good luck

25). "If you're still single, Allah is saving someone special for you." -- borrowed from Amarra who got it from tumblr.

Turned 25 the other day. I wrote this all under 15 minutes. Just a stream of consciousness. May Allah forgive me for my many shortcomings. And please forgive me, if I've hurt you.. jazakAllah Khair.

I used to collects quotes. 2006


  1. This was interesting, Anum. I think I only do 1 and 7 from the list, though I do agree with most of them :) Try this again every few years to see how your ideas about reality/life evolve with time and experience.

  2. That's a great idea. Maybe for the big 3-0. I'll do it again, insha'Allah.

    LOl. I don't agree with the cursing one haha... My classmates are seldom humble so I guess I was venting.

    Hope you are well!! Miss your wisdom.

  3. I have this bookmarked on my toolbar. I love it :)