Monday, July 4, 2011

Makkah and Madinah

Ramadan will be here soon insha'Allah. I am very exicited and even a little tense... I need it.
I never reflected on my umrah in words. I don't think its possible.  I cannot articulate my emotions and the tranquility I felt in words... But I do miss it so.

A few months after ummrah, I was walking in Walmart, well, more like lost in Walmart. I was trying to find the soft drinks aisle or maybe it was the cereal aisle, and as I walked I closed my eyes and was reminded of the the daily tahajudd walks. I heard the shuffling of feet and the echos, I felt a breeze, I saw hundreds of worshippers shrouded in the early morning-darkness as they walked to the Kabba... And then I found my aisle.

Ummrah was probably the happiest and most carefree moment in my life thus far...
I am dumbfounded, I dunno what to write... I left my heart in Makkah.

a girl's best mahrum - her father :)

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