Sunday, December 12, 2010


iPhone & the City

I never understood how it was possible to love the life of a busy, fast-paced and merciless city and the bucolic and empty vastness of the country or mountain-side without being contradictory or hypocritical?

Perhaps it's because I view the City as a giant social experiment? And the Buildings are my man-made mountains and the People are cattle grazing on fields of ambition and greed.  It's incredibly entertaining and amusing to wander into the meandering streets without a purpose and to view life as it is... Perhaps a timely comment I heard of one city on NPR en route home appropriately sums all cities: "NYC is the world's biggest, free museum."

Philadelphia truly is the city of brotherly love.  I'm always greeted with warmth in these streets, and I'm especially astonished by the behavior of the homeless. In most occasions and circumstances, I witness them in jovial and carefree spirits even on a cold December Day. It's difficult to believe such attitudes are manifested in a life of squalor, uncertainty, destitution...  Which can also unequivocally translated to: a life of faith, adventure, freedom, and freedom from worldly possessions.... Perhaps this is the charm of the vagabond persuasion.

As much as I Love cities ( I don't like LA), I dream of big skies, mountains, fresh air, and never ending beauty. I dream of Montana, Wyoming, Arizona, Colorado...ALASKA. In due time. Insha'Allah.

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