Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Pen Bouquet

With all the disadvantages and drawbacks of the obsolete method of paper charting in a medical facility, the one that is the most irksome is: losing pens. I typically lose at least 7 in week despite all my efforts. It might get lost in charts, misplaced in patients' rooms,  or a fellow colleague may have "borrowed" the  pen in a desperate measure to compensate their loss.  "Who took/stole my pen?!" is uttered by all departments everyday and every hour.  Professionals have accused their esteemed colleagues of theft and lies in a futile 30 second search to recover the lost instrument.  It's all in good humor, of course... But if we are all collectively losing pens, then how come we are also not finding pens? Any pens? Shouldn't the deficit cancel out?

This conundrum is also inspiring: I've created pen bouquets as holiday gifts for a few colleagues that I've "borrowed/stolen" pens from over the last 17 months.

It's not a solution to this mystery, but perhaps the delicate silk will serve as tracking device as it provides comfort to the weary hand. 


Terra-cotta, glass pebbles, silk flowers, pens, flowering tape

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