Thursday, October 7, 2010

with the birds I'll share this lonely view and..

Sometimes you see things and over look them, and then sometimes you see the same exact things but somehow by the grace of Allah you are touched...

Many times I am called into a patient's room because his or her oral intake has significantly reduced after admission. And today's summoning was not out of the ordinary.

Flowers from a patient's room. Pic taken with permission.
I was surprised to learn this particular patient's appetite has decreased. It is very common for people on dialysis to have poor intake due to the nature of the illness and the strain on the body. But not Mr. S., he ate everything in sight.  His wife was feeding him as I interviewed them both. Her husband appeared to more confused than usual. And I thought...what is this man's usual? He is blind, he has dementia, he's a diabetic, he's on dialysis, he is bed ridden, he is only in his 60s. And I felt immense pain and love for his wife... And for the wives I've witnessed taking care of their husbands so loyally and lovingly day after day. How they spend their entire day by their side feeding them, toileting them, talking to them,  discussing their progress or lack of progess with the healthcare team, and most of all praying for them... How it must pain them to see their spouse in such a fragile state. How they must leave and go home to an empty house and an empty bed. There are three particular wives that I hope I never forget as I move in life. And Mrs. S. is one of them.

Perhaps this is true love.

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